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VJ's Elite Basketball Training

Coach Bustos is amazing! I tell anyone who has a little ball player that they NEED to come see her. My daughter has made huge strides because of her. Not only in her ball handling skills, shot and form, but in her confidence. I can't thank you enough, Vera Jo!!

Randy A.

Lesly P.

Vera Jo is an exceptional trainer! The superb quality of instruction coupled with the high energy and positive reinforcement are a powerful combination! We are extremely grateful to have our daughter working with her!

Well worth it. From our very first session Vera Jo was able to point out errors and correct technique on multiple things (shooting, footwork, body position, etc.). We saw an almost immediate improvement in skill level and continue to see even more improvement months later. Love the fact that Vera Jo doesn't limit her coaching to just skills- she also coaches mindset and player attitude. Highly recommend!

Leslie M.

Joseph L.

Vera Jo is an asset to any young athlete who wants to improve on their basketball skills. Vera Jo has a way to connect with athletes in a professional, positive manner that promotes immediate results. Her experience as a collegiate stand out, professional basketball player, working with Point Guard College all over the country and a women's collegiate coach is an asset that most young athletes can not tap into on an every day basis. Vera Jo is different, she makes time to give back to the community and goes out of her way (after her day job) to provide athletes with an opportunity to excel on the court and in life. Thank you Vera for doing this, you are a true role model to all New Mexico.

Coach Bustos is amazing! She is an amazing coach, she motivates and shares her passion and love for the game. I highly recommend her. You will be glad to know her.

Lisa T.

The questions are, do you see passion in your basketball player? Do they want to get better? Do they love the game? Are they coachable? Are you looking for a great coach? Look no further!!! VJs Elite is the way to go. My daughter loves basketball and after just one training with Coach Bustos she loved the game even more. It has been about 2 months now training with VJs Elite and the improvements are extraordinary! Thank you Coach!

Tomas R.

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